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17 Breakthrough Products You Need Right Now to Protect Yourself and Prepare Selling Out Fast



In a time when everything constantly and rapidly changes, it’s best to be prepared—FOR ANYTHING! Just three months in this new decade, and we’ve seen the extremes of the good and the bad. So, I guess it’s not gonna hurt to take a few advanced steps forward and equip yourself with the most essential and latest technology and products you need to have in your households. 

There’s tons of variety in this list so take a look and pick what you need (but I’m already telling you, every single thing is absolutely USEFUL!)

There is only one catch with these breakthrough products… they are only available ONLINE. You won’t find them in retail. For the inventors it is expensive to sell in retail, so the most innovative inventions at the moment are only available online.

And as a thank you to our readers we have negotiated with the manufacturers to get exclusive special offers for first-time buyers! Most of our finds are available for less than $60. They are perfectly suitable as a gift or if you simply want to treat yourself to something. Check back regularly, we will update the list constantly!

1. HealthWatch – New Smartwatch for Health Monitoring. Better Than More Expensive Sports Watches

This product has already taken the market by storm! An innovative and state-of-the-art wristwatch for everyone—whether you’re young or old, physically active or busy: HealthWatch is the new smartwatch you need. 

In times when you can get sick almost easily, it’s so important to take care of your health. Stay in shape and achieve your fitness goals with HealthWatch. It has various useful features like monitoring your blood pressure level (which most competitors can’t do), a sleep tracking function to help you sleep better, and a health analysis report so you can see your progress. All of these features packed in one simple BUT sleek and fashionable waterproof wristwatch.

Stay healthy and make smart choices—choose HealthWatch. 

2. ScreenKlean – Carbon Cleaning Technology Makes Dirty, Germ-filled Digital Screens Crystal Clear and Squeaky Clean

Did you know that on average, every square inch of your phone has 25,000 germs? That’s three times more bacteria than an average toilet seat! 

That’s why it’s very important for you to clean your dirty and dusty screens every now and then. But, if you’re worried you’re going to get scratches all over your high-end and expensive devices, ScreenKlean is here to help you

With its advanced Carbon Molecular Technology, it cleans fingerprints, oils, dust, and bacteria easily! It’s the first and only screen cleaner that uses invisible carbon cleaning compounds to clean your screens better than anything else. 

You can use it for your phone screens, iPads, tablets, and even TV screens. Wipe away all those germs to keep you and your family safe from any viruses and diseases. 

What’s even more special about ScreenKlean is it contains an all-natural antibacterial agent and NEVER EXPIRES! Get your hands on some ScreenKlean now. 

3. NeckRelax – Finally, A Better and Faster Way to Relieve Neck Pain in the Comfort of your Own Home

Suffering from annoying neck pain? Here’s a solution for you—Neck Relax!

The new and advanced portable neck pain massager. This small device helps you relax and totally eliminate the neck pain and strains you’ve been feeling for months. 

For a device so small and compact, it delivers such powerful pain reliefs like therapeutic ultrasound, six different massage modes, and Electro Frequency Stimulation Massage Therapy (EFSMT)

And as it’s so portable and easy to use, you can carry it around everywhere! Especially in your own home. Skip spa days and massage appointments and use NeckRelax instead. No need for you to go out and waste time, relieve your pain with NeckRelax with just a press of a button!

4. WifiBooster – This Small Device Transforms Slow Internet into High-speed Connection

Say goodbye to slow and intermittent internet and say hello to a faster WiFi with a wider reach. With WiFiBooster, you get unbeatable and speedy access to the internet wherever you are in the house!

The WifiBooster is a top-of-the-range device that will turn you and your family’s life around. Imagine a household where no single video lags, that’s the dream! Make the most out of your internet provider by using this compact but highly durable device. 

With its high-quality built-in antennas that are made to penetrate every wall and corner of your home, you can make sure that everyone in your house stays connected. WiFiBooster is definitely the tech you need at home, especially during quarantine situations.

5. TvBuddy – Watch Anything On Your Phone And Computer On Your Big Screen TV, Better Than Chromecast

Take entertainment to the next level by watching everything on the big screen! How? By using TvBuddy Caster—the latest TV companion everyone needs to have.

If you like watching Netflix, YouTube, or simply just any video on your phone, wouldn’t you love it more if it were on a bigger screen, like your 55-inch TV? TvBuddy Caster does just that! Connect your smartphones, laptops, or tablets to your TV sets without breaking a sweat

With TvBuddy Caster, you can enjoy your favorite shows and videos in high-resolution, sharp, and crisp quality in peace—without the annoying ads popping up when using Google Chromecast. TvBuddy Caster is just what you need to have the perfect movie marathons to keep yourself entertained while in quarantine.

6. Peeps – Hazy Vision? Use This To Make Your Glasses Good As New In Just Seconds

Are you tired of viewing the world through hazy and smudged glasses? And when you try to wipe it clean, it only gets worse? Then we have just the perfect product for you—Peeps CarbonKlean™.

The first of its kind to use Carbon Molecular Technology, Peeps CarbonKlean™ will clean your glasses and make them shine crystal clean. For just a small amount, you can make your lenses good as new! Get Peeps CarbonKlean™ today and say goodbye to dirty old rags and shirts and hello to advanced carbon microfiber pads.

7. SleepLab – New EMS Invention Gives Hope to All Those Suffering from Chronic Snoring

You should never underestimate the health problems caused by snoring, because they can be serious like high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and high risk of stroke. This is the perfect device to get rid of your loud and unhealthy snoring—SleepLab.

SleepLab is a snoring device designed to help everyone with a snoring problem. With EMS stimulation that detects when you snore and automatically massages and contracts your muscles while you sleep, it’s definitely the sleeping companion you need.

No need to worry about pain or discomfort as experts testify that when you wear SleepLab, you won’t even feel a thing. Sleep better and stay healthier, hook yourself up with SleepLab snoring devices.

8. PlayBeatz – Ultimate Sound Quality Headphones with Brand New 2019 Technology

Do you want to get the latest type of headphones, but for half the price without compromising quality? Well, PlayBeatz is the next-generation Bluetooth headset for you

Using up-to-date and brand new 2019 technology, PlayBeatz offers a crisp, high-quality audio experience that is definitely worth the price!

Aside from having a sleek, stylish, and compact plastic body, it’s also packed with absolutely flawless features such as deep and strong bass, remarkably clear vocals, crisp and airy trebles, latest Bluetooth modes, fast charging, and compatible with any android or iOS devices.

Get lost in the music with PlayBeatz superior Bluetooth headset

9. BarxBuddy – Innovative Device Stops Your Dog From Barking Instantly

What better way to spend the rest of your days at home than with your loving dogs? But what if your dog becomes too sensitive and barks out of control? Then your perfect day turns into a nightmare. Prevent that from happening with BarxBuddy

BarxBuddy is an ingenious invention that allows you to train your dog using non-violent, non-harmful high-pitched frequencies. The device catches dogs’ attention and calms them down. BarxBuddy is going to be your new best friend. Get one now before stocks run out!

10. MobileKlean – Destroy Invisible Pathogens Quickly and Easily!

Protect yourself from any kind of bacteria and germs that may cause viruses and diseases. Always sanitize and keep your devices clean with MobileKlean—the most effective product in the market that could keep all your devices squeaky clean and safe.

MobileKlean is a UV pathogen killer designed to eliminate all germs and bacteria, even those you can’t see with the naked eye to protect you and your household from viruses and illnesses. The portable sanitary tool can be used to sanitize and sterilize your mobile devices, glasses, laptops, keyboards, remotes, phones, everything that people touch! 

A pioneer in its field, MobileKlean is also used by hospitals around the world as it’s built to knock out an entire spectrum of disease-producing organisms.

11. Washzilla – Breakthrough Technology From Japan Saves You Money On Laundry Detergent

Have you ever thought about how much money you spend on detergent alone? If you sit down and compute, you’ll be floored with the total. But you don’t need to waste any more money by using Japan’s breakthrough technology: Washzilla.

Washzilla is a new invention from Japan that is now breaking worldwide markets. It’s based on bioceramic technology and contains hundreds of tiny ceramic pellets that activate the water to provide enhanced cleaning power

It can wash the dirtiest and smelliest clothes and make them look and smell perfectly clean again in just minutes! Washzilla is also environment-friendly and can be used for up to 1000 washes! Now that’s a deal you need to score.

WashZilla is ONLY sold directly from the producer, and cannot be bought in department stores, drug stores or through other online retailers. So, click below to see if it’s still available.

12. eWatch – On a Budget? You Can Still Get This Affordable and Awesome Premium Smartwatch!

This new smartwatch start-up company is giving large smartwatch companies a run for their money! eWatch is the biggest name in the smartwatch market these days, with thousands wanting to get their hands on this latest tech

eWatch is a powerful smartwatch that’s more than just calling and messaging, it’s also an exercise companion and a potential lifesaver with its top-of-the-line special features like a heartbeat monitor and live ECG diagrams

Have everything on your wrist with eWatch, the perfect device you need to stay connected to the outside world while you stay safe inside your homes.

13. FeverPatrol – No-Touch Thermometer That Provides Accurate Fever Sensing, Instantly

Get ahead of everyone else and secure your health safety! Be able to check and monitor you and your whole family’s temperatures and get an early warning against possible colds or the flu with FeverPatrol. 

With news of viruses and illnesses spreading quickly, it’s better to stay prepared and monitor your household’s well-being. With FeverPatrol, in just a simple click and within a few seconds, you get to see who’s sick or not. 

You don’t even have to be in contact! It’s accurate, it’s safe, and it’s sanitary. FeverPatrol is the touchless device every household needs to have, especially when you have kids.

14. QuietBuds – Block Out ALL Annoying Noise and Chatter that Drives You Crazy

Are you sick of listening to constant and annoying noise and chatter around you? Thankfully, a revolutionary noise-canceling earbuds is here—QuietBuds!

Be able to enjoy your nap time or focus more on your work and studies by BLOCKING OUT all unnecessary noise around you. With these high-tech inserts, you can fully control what you want to hear. You can block out absolutely every sound or you can just reduce the ambient sound around you. It’s up to you!

QuietBuds is the perfect buddy you need for longer sleeping hours during the quarantine.

15. ZenHeater – Heat Up ANY Room FAST With This New Pocket-Sized Plugin Heater!

Keep yourself safe and warm inside your homes with a handy and highly-efficient heater without amping up your electricity bills. How? By using ZenHeater!

ZenHeater is a small, portable space heater that plugs directly into your wall and can heat up to an amazing 250 sq ft of space! 

Unlike other heaters that make it impossible to relax because of their disturbing noise, the ZenHeater stands up to its name and provides zen-like relaxation with its quiet and optimized settings. 

It’s incredibly easy to use plus you can adjust the timer, speed, and temperature controls in just a few clicks. Get the ZenHeater today and experience the difference.

16. Dodow – Trouble Falling Asleep? Try this Complete GAME CHANGER for Improving Sleep!

Many people are calling this new technology the “best biohack to naturally improve your sleep.” Finally, a 21st-century sleep technology breakthrough, Dodow! 

Dodow is a little round device smaller than coasters. You put it beside your bed on your nightstand and you watch as it projects a soft blue light-metronome onto your ceiling. You then focus on the light and breathe along with it as it fades in and out. 

And as simple as that, Dodow helps you fall asleep in just seconds. There are tons of benefits from using all-natural sleep technology Dodow but some of them are: it helps you relax and quiet your mind, takes your mind off of stressful thoughts, and slows your breathing and relaxes your whole body.

17. SafeBreath Pro – The New Mask That Provides Better Protection Against Viruses

There’s nothing wrong with doing safety measures and protecting yourself from possible virus infections. Filter the air you breathe and shield yourself from strangers with SafeBreath Pro. 

SafeBreath Pro is a cutting edge mask that’s more than just a face mask! It’s made with high-quality materials that totally breathable and comfortable to use. 

SafeBreathPro will give you unparalleled protection against germs, bacteria, and contagious fluids from strangers. Get protection now before supplies run out.

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