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Mom Found An Amazingly Safe And Effective New Device That Traps And Kills Dangerous Mosquitoes And Bugs Without Using Harmful Chemicals



Stop using mosquito sprays and insect repellents. These harmful chemicals cause more harm than good. There’s a safer solution to nasty mosquito bites. And it’s used by scientists all over the world. 


I visited a friend and we were sharing stories when her daughter appeared, and boom, I noticed a number of mosquito bites on her exposed skin. 

I was surprised! At the same time worried. I can’t imagine my beloved daughter experiencing the same agony. Let alone the dangers each bite poses to my kid. 

I asked my friend what happened, and she told me that she is worried about not being able to protect her daughter from the tiny insects. She said, “I feel useless. I can’t protect my kid from even the tiniest insect. I did everything I could, but it just didn’t work.” 

Having a kid of my own, I promised her that I would help find the solution. 

Why you should stop using insect repellents and mosquito sprays

I’ve conducted my own research. As I dug deeper into my study, I felt disturbed and perplexed with what I’ve learned. Insect repellents are considered pesticides in the United States. That means I have been rubbing pesticide on my own daughter’s skin! 

I was in deep thought about my friend and how she might have felt. It concerned me since I am as guilty of using insect repellents and mosquito sprays. 

What I thought was a safe and effective solution it turned out, they were not.

I also found other anti-mosquito products that do more harm than good

I was oblivious of the side effects of using those products. So I continued reading and hoping that I could find the best solution for this problem. 

Burning Incense

Incense sticks are also getting popular these days. Although it was meant to keep away bugs, it just couldn’t do the job very well. I have tried this before and I can say from experience that this product just doesn’t work. Period! 

Mosquito coils

Mosquito coils are dangerous if inhaled in large amounts. In fact, exposure to its smoke can cause serious health problems. Health experts say that a single mosquito coil is almost equivalent to 75-137 cigarettes. I don’t want that anywhere near my kid. 

Mosquito Sprays

Mosquito sprays are one of the commonly used products, but they use harmful chemicals. These chemicals can cause illness if you or your loved one is exposed to high amounts. 

Insect sprays use the substance called Sumithrin. It can cause dizziness, skin, throat, and eye irritations, vomiting, nausea, and headache.  

These so-called remedies can cause more harm than good. On the other hand, mosquitoes and other insects tend to develop immunity against these products. That means continuous use might make them ineffective in the long run. 

That’s why no matter how much mosquito spray I put on my daughter, she still gets bitten.

What Is This New Product That Made Parents Like Me Get Very Excited About

It’s not overalls for sure. Covering our entire body just isn’t practical and it’s also uncomfortable. There will always be some skin exposed no matter how you cover it. Plus our kids need to wear comfortable clothes they can breathe in. 

This isn’t a tent or a mosquito net. Your kids would not love the idea of keeping them cooped inside these tents. And insects tend to enter the doors and windows of your house no matter how careful you are. The same is true with tents and mosquito nets. This isn’t an option unless you want to sleep in a small enclosed space.

A powerful device that traps and kills mosquitoes and bugs 

Every time I remember how my friend’s daughter scratched those nasty mosquito bites I can’t help but feel concerned and worried. Worried about the threat each of those bites poses on her. I’m concerned about every kid that has to experience the same dilemma. 

I tirelessly searched the internet and voila! I have seen what I’ve been looking for. The solution not only to my own problem but also to my friend. I believe other parents like me will surely love it.

The product is just that good. Introducing BUZZ B-GONE! The easiest, fastest and safest way to get rid of mosquitoes.


According to the article I’ve read, he heard about Buzz B-Gone from his friend who he was drinking with at the time. The device is an electronic mosquito and bug trapper that you can use anywhere. And I mean, anywhere! 

Be it in your home, office, and even outdoors. In fact, the person in the article described himself as an outdoor enthusiast. That means he always brings his family with him outdoors. I can only dream of this as a child. 

I can only imagine how his kids enjoyed nature with their parents. Forgive me for being too enthusiastic about this new product. It’s just that I can’t help myself with amazement! This product has helped me and my friend. You can’t blame me for it. Right? 

On the other hand, think about the thousands of parents and others who found the product before us. No wonder Buzz B-Gone is flying off the shelves right now. Let me share with you the benefits of this amazing new product. 

Features and Benefits 

UV Light 

The devices use UV Light technology to attract mosquitoes, bugs, and other insects.  UV Light technology is safe for children and adults. Unlike the use of harmful chemicals.

This technology is used in quarantine laboratories all over the world. Scientists saw its effectiveness in eliminating harmful insects from entering the facility.

It uses a powerful suction fan

The powerful suction fan traps mosquitoes and other insects in the area. Any insect that got sucked by the fan is trapped inside the device with no chance of escape. That means they die almost instantly.


The detachable basket makes the cleaning process super-mega easy. That’s right! You just have to detach the basket and pour the dead insects’ bodies into the garbage bag and voila, you’re done! 

Portable and Stylish

Buzz B-Gone’s modern look will never let you worry about what people will say even if you place it in your living area. Its design blends well with both indoor and outdoor environments. Plus, it’s extremely portable that you can carry it with you anywhere you go. 

Easy Charging

The device comes with a USB cable for easy charging. In fact, it can be charged through your power bank. As I said, portability is not an issue with Buzz B-Gone. This means that you and your family are protected anytime and anywhere. 

Device Specifications

  • Effective range of up to 40 meters
  • Can be set up in two minutes or less
  • Runs in 5 volts of power
  • Portable and Lightweight – can be used in the home, office even outdoors
  • Can be charged through USB device like power bank and laptops
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% Safe and Effective – doesn’t use any chemicals or pesticides
  • Affordable

Reasons why you should order Buzz B-Gone now

  • UV Light is used in quarantine laboratories. It eliminates potentially harmful insects, mosquitoes, and bugs. It’s a proven effective method that is safe for children, adults, and even pets. 
  • It doesn’t use toxic chemicals. 
  • It’s lightweight and portable. 
  • It’s quiet.
  • It’s a long-term solution to protect your loved ones against bugs, mosquitoes, and any other insects. You won’t need any mosquito repellent and sprays that are deemed to be harmful to human health.
  • It’s reasonable and affordable. You might want to order now. That’s because the company that sells Buzz B-Gone regularly presents new offers. This makes every purchase of the device the best value-for-money possible. 

I Purchased The Device Online and This Is What Happened

Aside from being effective and safe, Buzz B-Gone is also very affordable. How’s that as value for your money? 

  1. I ordered online. However, I have to warn you that the device is flying off the shelves. Like, literally! People are going crazy for this new product. 
  2. I was lucky enough to get three devices. My plan? I’ll give one to my friend to keep my promise of helping him. And the other two? I’ll have one in my office and the other one I will use at home. 
  3. Setting up the device took me less than two minutes. I just took it out of the box and used the USB cord that came with the device. 
  4. I took the opportunity to test the two devices. So I placed one in my daughter’s bedroom and the other I placed at the patio beside the grill. I do love the outdoors. In fact, I would rather do my work on the patio than the office. Since I have Buzz B-Gone, I’m thinking of spending more of my working hours on the patio. How’s that for a change? I’m extremely energized with this product!
  5. I set up the two devices and left them for about 24 hours. 
  6. The following day, I got up and the first thing in my mind was to check the basket inside the device. I was pretty excited so I opened it. Woah! I was surprised to see about 30 – 40 dead mosquitoes and bugs inside. 
  7. I’m in awe! Like, literally. I can only imagine these dead creatures threaten my family with just a single bite.

I have found a new confidence that my family is protected 

Ever since Buzz B-Gone arrived, I have never seen or heard my daughter complain about mosquito bites. And for that, I am grateful that I came across this amazingly safe and effective device. 

Not only me but also my friend who I told you about was really thankful that I helped her solve her problem. Her daughter’s mosquito bites are already gone. I hope that’s the end of it. I also heard that they are already planning to spend their weekends outdoors. Sounds exciting! And without the worries of pesky mosquito bites. 

Since the lockdown has already relaxed. I think spending some time close to nature might just be a treat. I can only imagine that family having a great time together. Safe from the harmful diseases brought by mosquitoes. 

How To Place Your Order 

As I’ve said earlier, Buzz B-Gone is very affordable for its value. In fact, it comes with a special discounted offer if you order now. Meanwhile, they are offering big discounts if you order two or more. This device is a great gift for your friends, colleagues, and relatives, etc. 

Everyone can really benefit from this amazing new product. So, here’s where the device is currently priced at. Note that they come at discounted prices for two or more orders. 

  • $39.99 – Single device purchase
  • $79.98 – Two devices
  • $89.98 – Three devices
  • $109.97 – Four Devices

As you can see, the more you purchase the more discounts you’ll get. Whichever way you look, you win! You didn’t just protect your family against mosquitoes and other insects but you have saved a lot on this offer too. In fact, you just saved about $50. A total win-win!

However, I must warn you that it’s quite hot in the market today. Due to its high demand, it’s literally flying off the shelves. That said, time is of the essence since it’s already summer. We know that it’s during this time of the year that insects, bugs, and mosquitoes are very active. 


It is summer and mosquitoes are very active. Don’t let your kids get bitten by them. Protect your family with a safe and tested method used by scientists in quarantine laboratories. Buzz B-Gone will trap and kill every nasty flying insect around your home, office, and even outdoors

Moreover, this device is designed for portability and elegance. You can’t be too ashamed to bring it with you anywhere you want. You can even place it in your living room to be seen by your visitors. 

Lastly, it’s very affordable yet effective. Get yours today. Keep your loved ones safe without exposing them to harmful chemicals that might cause more harm to them in the long run.

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