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Introducing: The Bathroom Assistant—A Simple Device That Automates Cleaning & Maintenance.



Shine Bathroom Assistant

Automate Toilet Cleaning & Maintenance.

1 Billion People Live Without a Bathroom

Join the Gates Foundation & Shine in global sanitation efforts. Click the share button and Shine will donate $1.00 to support water, sanitation, and hygiene efforts.

Understanding the Problem

Our bathrooms are time consuming to clean, waste water, and require expensive plumbers to repair.

It’s a Dirty Job

Toilets get dirty easily and require constant cleaning. Costly housekeepers help, but who takes the time to clean the toilet when the housekeeper isn’t there? You’re left to hand-clean the toilet when you shouldn’t have to.

Harsh Chemicals

Cleaning toilets require the use of harsh chemicals that are harmful to our families and the environment, and most natural alternatives just aren’t as effective as cleaners.

1 Trillion Gallons Wasted

We waste an estimated 1 trillion gallons of water each year through household leaks. That’s like letting your shower run for 1 million years!

What if your toilet could clean & fix itself?

Introducing: The Bathroom Assistant

The first product in our journey is the Bathroom Assistant – a simple device that automates cleaning & maintenance. Because even though the bathroom hasn’t changed in a century — we have.

Automatically Cleans

After every flush the Assistant sprays our cleaning solution directly into the bowl. Skip the brush, just flush.

Chemical-Free Cleaning

No more bleach or other harmful chemical products being poured down the drain. That means less chemicals in our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Automatically Deodorizes

With the Bathroom Assistant spraying after each flush, you no longer have to worry about spraying a can of compressed oils into the air you breathe.

Diagnose Leaks

Shine’s AI, Sam, tracks water usage and detects the cause of expensive leaks to help you fix problems before they get worse; saving you money.

Designed to Make Your Life Better

We’ve designed the Assistant to work with almost any modern toilet, even with other accessories installed. The Assistant is battery powered, which means no need to plug it in except to charge it every 6 months. Our AI, Sam, works 24/7/365 to monitor your toilets for leaks, with early detection being the key to avoiding costly issues.

Full Suite of Features

The Bathroom Assistant has a full suite of features and benefits.

Automated Cleaning

Keeps your toilet bowl clean without getting your hands dirty. No more rubber gloves or harsh chemicals on your hands.

Automated Deodorization

Keeps your bathroom smelling clean by deodorizing after each flush. No more messy or oily sprays or being self-conscious.

Chemical-Free Cleaning

Non-toxic, allergen and chemical free, and best of all, it breaks down into a plumbing and pet safe saline solution.

Universal & Easy Install

Fully compatible with your current toilet and installs in just minutes without tools or the need to call a plumber.

Automated Maintenance

With Sam, you don’t have to guess what’s wrong or pay hundreds for a simple repair you could do in minutes.

Water History

Sam monitors water usage helping you to save money..

Early Leak & Overflow Detection

Sam tracks water usage and notifies you of leaks early to save you money.

Alexa Enabled

Simply say “Alexa, clean the toilet,” and Sam will handle the rest. The easiest way to keep your bathroom fresh.

6 Month Battery Life

Get up to 6 months of battery life per full charge. Easily rechargable with an included USB-C cable.

Night Time Illumination

Illuminates the bathroom so you don’t need to turn on the lights in the middle of the night.

Eco-Friendly Pods

Our monthly cleaning pods are recyclable and contain a non-toxic cleaning formula that is activated by electrolysis.

Automated Cleaning

Keeps your toilet bowl clean without getting your hands dirty. No more rubber gloves or harsh chemicals on your hands.

How it Works

Automatically cleans without chemicals using Electrolyzed Water Technology

Quick & Easy Installation

You can install it yourself in just 5 minutes without any plumbing changes or screws. Just place it nearby your toilet.

Just Add Water

Fill Shine’s tank with water. The tank is easy to remove and replace and holds enough water for a month of use.

Insert an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Pod

100% recyclable, lasts 1 month, and contains natural water and salt.

Create Electrolyzed Water

A powerful cleaning agent that is as effective as bleach without all the chemicals. A technology used for decades in Japan to clean sushi.


Full Bowl Clean

On a detected flush or command from the app, Shine cleans and covers the bowl in the electrolyzed water. Cleaning and deodorizing simultaneously.


Returns to a Safe Saline Solution

Shine returns back to salt water that is safe for your pipes and the environment. You are now part of the solution – removing dangerous chemicals from our oceans, lakes, and rivers while enjoying a constantly clean toilet.


We gave product demos to local customers. See what they have to say.

Ginny M.

“With Shine, I can be assured the water isn’t running and being wasted… I can also be easily assured that all my toilet bowls are consistently being sanitized and deodorized with an environmentally safe product.”

Kristie C.

“‘Alexa, clean the toilet.’ Need I say more? From a working mom that shares a bathroom with her two boys and husband, Shine is amazing!!”

Kim E.

“My least favorite chore is cleaning the toilet. The idea of having Shine not only clean my toilet, but also detect leaks and issues is genius!”

Jeff H.

“Wow! The potential of Shine bathroom has taken the most dreaded chore of my wife’s hands and eliminated the toxic chemicals used in cleaning a house full of boys! You’ve made this so simple and eco friendly! Thank you Shine!”

Adrian R.

“Having Shine take over my most dreaded chore is my dream come true. And in regards to the environment, it’s shocking to learn how much water is wasted from toilet leaks. Shine is my new best friend and happens to be saving our planet too.”

Powered by Great Software

Your new bathroom experience is about to be elevated thanks to the Bathroom Assistant and the Shine Bathroom mobile app. Our software is what enables Sam, our AI, to be so helpful.

Alexa, Clean the Toilet

Just ask Alexa to clean the toilet, and Sam will take care of the rest. With support for top home assistant products, keeping your toilet clean has never been easier.

Take Control of Your Water

Shine reports water usage and cost down to the individual flush. This means you’ll always have the latest information available for the largest single water user in your home—your toilet.

Diagnose Leaks

Sam won’t just alert you if there’s a problem. Sam diagnoses the cause of leaks and sends you a repair kit to fix the leak plumber-free. Live support is also available to help walk you through any issues.

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