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High-End Smartwatch Shocks Tech-Industry With Incredibly Low Price Point




Have you ever found yourself completely shocked due to the insane price tags of “high-end” smartwatches? We believe big brand names are going crazy about prices without giving you any real added benefits for the higher cost.Thankfully, the industry is seeing a change. A new smartwatch is on the market and it’s promising to deliver high-end value at an extraordinarily low cost to consumers in Philippines…

Initially we weren’t even going to test this watch, as the brand and its creators were still very unknown to us. We just didn’t want to waste our precious time…

However, at a get-together we noticed an old colleague of ours wearing one of these watches: “Try it, it’s better than you think!“, he said, adding that “Can you imagine how they managed to pull it off? I believe they must be going out of business at these prices…” 

Even with our old colleauge vouching, we remained quite skeptical about the capabilities of the TechWatch. After all, how could such an affordable watch really beat its rivals, priced at around 7x of its price?…

TechWatch claims that sophisticated and elegant SmartWatches don’t have to cost ₱103,800+. Can it really be priced at 10x lower than other leading smartwatch models and still beat them in a head-to-head comparison? Keep on reading to find out…

Against all odds, we gave the TechWatch a go and tested it out at our office…

We simply ordered the watch online, taking advantage of the 50% discount and free shipping discount available at the time. Quite comfortable we must say, as we didn’t even have to leave our offices to purchase it.

As soon as TechWatch arrived at the office, we knew we would be in for a treat. The device comes in premium packaging that truly lives up to its high-end design standard.

Indeed, TechWatch is an essential complement to a high end look. The smartwatch will become an integral part of your lifestyle. More so, as an owner, you can feel TechWatch resonating with an aura of unrivaled elegance. Both you, and the surrounding people.

The watch clearly wasn’t made for everyone. You should have to wear the smartwatch with pride, as this impeccable timepiece is a pure symbol of excellence and technology on your wrist.

High-end design coupled with Impressive features

The premium design of TechWatch strongly competes with well-known brand names, such as the Apple Watch. 

The beautiful case is produced using stainless steel, while the watch face is made out of the finest glass, that type which is mostly used in classical timepieces such as Rolex.

The stylish watch wrist band also comes in a few variants, so you can discover the one to perfectly suit your wardrobe preferences.

Packed with the latest android Watch OS Technology

TechWatch is available in several different colors and with different type of straps. But it’s not only the design of TechWatch that is responsible for the worldwide success of the device. TechWatch uses the latest generation of smartwatch hardware and the newest version of Android Watch OS.

This gives the smartwatch the identical functionalities to Samsung or Fitbit watches (though at a substantially lower price). These are only a select few features users of TechWatch can enjoy:

  • Constant health monitoring. The built-in health monitor keeps track of your heart rate and alerts you of possible health troubles
  • Better sleep quality. To help you get a good night’s rest, TechWatch monitors your sleep and gives you valuable information you can use to significantly improve your sleep quality
  • Valuable aid to staying fit. The smartwatch measures body activity levels and automatically notifies you to make movements in order to keep fit, no matter how old you are
  • Personal voice assistant. TechWatch even provides personal voice assistant technology, utilized by corporate executives, letting you make calls, send text messages or emails from your smartwatch

Advanced technology made Easy to utilize

This watch comes in with a built in heart-rate and sleep monitor, able to track how well your body is performing at any time of the day. You can also set up alarms to alert you, should there be an issue with your heart rate.

TechWatch makes the high-end look more accessible, but it does so with its technology, as well. Despite its cutting-edge features, the smartwatch is surprisingly simple to use. You can easily change the digital watch face, read or send text messages, make calls or complete an array of tasks in just one touch.

Grab yours while the 50% sale is still available

We highly recommend you purchase TechWatch while it’s on sale, as the stocks are becoming more and more limited due to its rising popularity. Click on this link to reserve your TechWatch and get free shipping with exclusive 50% discount.


  • Giovanni C.: I’m extremely happy with my TechWatch. It looks beautiful… really gives you a premium feel.
  • Jane F.: TechWatch is amazing. Not only is the design phenomenal, but the health trackers are very useful, too. It helps me stay active and I can use it to quickly send texts when on the road. Impressive device!
  • Christopher M. Jr.: I love it – got 5 for a discounted price! My whole family now has a TechWatch 🙂

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