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I Nearly Quit My Dream Job Due To My Crippling Leg Pain (But Here’s How I Solved It)



I never imagined getting the promotion I’d been craving for years would lead to crippling leg pain. But here I was, on the edge of breaking down, ready to give up my dream job just so I wouldn’t suffer any more. Well, that was my plan, until by pure chance, someone introduced me to a device that changed everything…

What pops into your head when you think of the word “corporate”?

2-piece suits? A really BIG salary?

Well, you’re right.

But there was something else I got that I didn’t bargain for…

I’d dreamed about this promotion for years

I remember the day I got the letter with my new contract.

I remember how excited my wife was when she saw how much we’d be making (we just found out she was pregnant with baby #2).

But I also remember wondering…how we’d make it happen.

I might have to work late, and maybe some weekends…it would be mighty stressful.

My wife brushed my thoughts aside—”It’s going to be just fine. We’ll make it work,” she smiled.

But we had no idea what was to come…

People throughout the US are using this revolutionary hand-held device to melt away their muscle tension, improve their posture, and reduce their stress levels, in minutes. (Without NSAIDs)

I was only 2 months into my job, when it happened

The pain started in my hamstrings. They were so tense they felt like they were frozen solid.

And then, the pain spread…

…deep into my hips and lower back…

…and down the backs of my calves, right into my ankles…

Yep. Turns out that something like many office workers who sit at a desk all day end up suffering from leg pain.

And WOW was mine bad.

I couldn’t cross my ankles without my breath catching in my throat.

I stopped taking the stairs up to my office…

…and started riding the elevator, just so I wouldn’t have to lift my knees (even though it was only 1 floor up).

I even had to get my poor pregnant wife to help me put my suit pants on in the morning…because if I tried to do it myself, I’d just trigger more waves of crippling pain.

And because I had to go back to work the next day, I never had any relief.

I was ALWAYS in pain.

My dream job, with crippling pain…it was driving me crazy

I tried everything to get rid of it

I looked up stretching exercises on YouTube. But I couldn’t even try them.

I got my wife to use one of those muscle rub creams on me (you know, the one that smells so bad it burns your nose from the inside out).

But I was in so much pain that I snapped at her when she pressed too hard—which of course, I regretted immediately when I saw how much I’d hurt her…

I even went to my doctor. But all he did was shrug and hand me a prescription for some NSAIDs.

“What, more pills?” I asked him, frustrated.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “there’s nothing I can do. You just have to try and rest them, but these will help with the pain for now…”

I tried EVERYTHING I could get my hands on, but nothing worked

But no matter what, I couldn’t get any long-lasting relief from my leg pain.

It always, always, always came back.

It got so bad, that one night I called my wife into the bedroom and told her, “I give up. I can’t take it anymore…”

I was going to walk (or more like, crawl) away from it all.

I was ready to literally throw away the upgraded salary, the window office, and my dream job, if it meant I’d no longer have to suffer from these aching muscles…

I was ready to give it all up

Then one day, everything changed…

One morning I was sitting at my desk, and my legs had just cramped up. I was trying to stop my eyes from tearing up, when suddenly, someone tapped on the window.

It was the window washer, looking in.

I got up, wincing, and limped over to open it.

“You okay, bud?” He asked me, “you look like you’re in a lotta pain there…”

And then, out of nowhere, it all came rushing out.

I told him everything

And when I was finally done, he looked at me for a long minute, pulled out his phone and said, “You better check this out.

It was a picture of some sort of…device?

“They say thousands of Americans use this to get rid of their muscle pains. Without popping pills,” he said.

At first, I thought the guy was kidding. I mean, really, if it was so good, why hadn’t I heard about it before?

But then he told me it’s like having an on-call massage therapist, available 24/7, in your own home, anytime you need relief from muscle pain…

…and at that very moment, to me? It sounded like a dream come true.

So I decided to check it out.

It’s called a “Massage Hero”

What it is, is this small, hand-held device that gives you a “percussive massage.”

Now, percussive massage isn’t like a regular massage. This isn’t some fancy, day-spa sort of stuff.

Sports and movement therapists highly recommend percussive massage for those with crippling muscle pain all the time.

Because percussive massage is based on lots of small and rapid, yet powerful movements, it overrides the brain’s natural pain signals instantly for immediate, pill-free relief from tight muscles…

…while loosening and dissolving even the deepest and most painful knots…for long-term relief.

But instead of paying $100 or more per massage (which adds up fast considering you need to get one 3 times a week for at least 6 weeks) Massage Hero lets you do-your-own percussive massage, anytime you want, and for a fraction of the cost.

A secret bonus?

What’s more, aside from relaxing your muscles so you can move, pain-free, this device comes with a secret bonus: it also helps reduce stress!

A tight, tense body makes anyone crabby. But because this relaxes muscles so effectively, it vanishes stress and immediately lifts your mood so you feel lighter, clearer, and happier.

Meaning I could keep my dream job…without having to suffer through another minute of leg pain.

I could actually go back to enjoying my dream job

How MassageHero works

Once I checked out their website (you can visit it by tapping on this link), it didn’t take me long to get how it works.

All you have to do is—

  • 1. Pick the massage head that suits the place you need relief most: it comes with 4 different attachments to help soothe different types of muscles, like your spine, shoulders, neck, or in my case—my hamstrings and calves—and so on
  • 2. Choose your setting: there’s different speeds and strengths so you can switch it up depending on how sore or sensitive you are
  • 3. Press the “on” button and feel your muscle tension melt away in minutes!

Portable. Rechargeable. And super easy.

Plus, (and this is the best part) it’s fully portable and rechargeable.

So you’re not forced to sit next to an outlet to get a massage, but can ease away muscle aches and pains sitting on your sofa at home, or even in the office… anywhere, anytime you want to use it.

I can’t wait to get mine

It’s on its way to me, in the mail.

And I kid you not, I can’t remember the last time I was so excited, waiting for something I ordered online.

Now, I want to add that it’s pretty cheap compared to some other, more expensive units out there. But on top of that they often have special sales.

So if I were you, I’d click the button below to check out how big a discount you can get right now…

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