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Windows Users Are Advised To Do This Today…



Online threats are evolving, and 2020 could be the worst year yet. A new security tool has gone viral across the country, here’s why so many computer owners are rushing to claim theirs today. Learn More.

If you are a windows user and connected to the internet, this may be the most important article you’ll read.

Your computer is a personal storage facility, and it contains all of your most important, precious and private files. The problem is, your home computer is much easier to access than government or corporate computer systems, making you a prime target for the ever hunting cyber-criminals.

Having any of your private information stolen or posted online would be devastating! But beware, it happens to more people than you might think: 1 in 4 people are hacked every day.

With over 5 billion people using computers worldwide, it’s no surprise that cyber attacks have seen a dramatic increase and are now more common than ever. Hidden Malware can be found in popular computer programs and emails. Not running regular security scans could pose a significant risk.

The problem is, there aren’t many computer security applications that will protect you from these dangers for a reasonable price. Until now…

Forget paying for other Antivirus, Total AV is all you need to protect your computer. You can get it for free by Clicking Here.

Here’s the deal: Total AV have partnered up with Windows trained developers and are giving away instant virus and malware security scans to all computer owners for free. As part of a special promotion that sees the renowned software provider, release their most sophisticated protection package yet and announce that they plan to have their protection in every home by end of 2020.

Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too… We’ve seen thousands of consumers right across the country rush to claim the complete protection plan.

It has been tried and tested, and we must say, without any disappointment.

With Total AV’s free security tool, you can utilize their advanced algorithm to detect hidden viruses and malicious deceptors in a matter of seconds. Then by activating their real-time protection & secure browsing feature, you can ensure that no single threat can make its way onto your device, ultimately keeping you, and your computer, safe.

Why are they offering it for free?

Lead Product Manager, David, Explains; “Last year we saw thousands of consumers affected by the sudden increase in computer and smartphone malware. Our main goal was simple, we wanted to help users protect their personal information, identity, and online banking without fears that their computer may be compromised. On top of that, we added the browsing encryption tool to prevent internet providers or snoopers tracking our customers online activity.”

He continues, “People already love the most recent system. Our plan is to give as many free scan licenses away so that the product goes viral. We would like to have our protection in every single home by the end of 2020 and we feel good knowing that we’re helping make life more secure for our customers.”

This isn’t the first time that giving away products for almost nothing has been employed, big companies with large marketing budgets are no strangers to the giveaway tactic. Burger King gave away 20,000 free whoppers via Facebook in a similar event in 2003.

What makes this security device so incredible?

Total AV has a cutting edge algorithm that can detect and remove any viruses, adware, malware and spyware that may be lying undetected within your computer. Its common that hidden threats go undetected, until they start bombarding you with advertising, start to slow down your computer, or even steal personal information when browsing, shopping or banking online.

This software is revolutionizing the way we protect our online devices, and completely automating the process.

The good thing is, it’s super quick and easy to setup and you don’t need to be technical to get started. The process is extremely simple and it only takes a few minutes to setup.

How can I claim my free copy?

It’s simple. If you have a windows computer, you automatically qualify for a free copy. Just follow the steps below, or click here to claim your free copy now. You’ll soon see just how incredible this protection is.

Claiming this promotion is a no-brainer. Check your computer’s security for free and relax whilst being online knowing your computer is safe. Even if you don’t think you are at risk right now, the expiration date of Total AV’s free scan is unknown, so you might as well take advantage of it and get it whilst you can.

Follow these simple steps to get your free protection package today:

Step 1: Select the button below to claim your copy or click here to visit the official website.

Step 2: Download Your Total AV Free Security Scan.

Step 3: Activate your free Total AV copy and remove any harmful threats or viruses immediately.

Update: Total AV Free Security Scan Is Still Currently Available. The expiration and availability are unknown, however, we are advising readers to claim this today to avoid disappointment. Take advantage of this incredible offer whilst it is still available by clicking here.

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