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Women Worldwide Are Buying Up This Sports Bra Band That Promises ONE BIG THING…



I tried out the sports bra band that supposedly allows any woman—no matter her breast size—to do ANY workout OR play ANY sport WITHOUT PAIN…and here’s what happened…

It was a Wednesday, and I had plans to meet my friend Penny for a walk after work.

It’s something we do every week, and I always look forward to it.

But this week was a bit different…

At about 4:30 or so, I glanced at my phone to see a text from Penny that said:

“How about we pick up the pace and try going for a run instead?!”

As I read those words that appeared on my screen, I’m embarrassed to admit I instantly thought about backing out!

It wasn’t the idea of doing a run that got me upset…

(Truth be told, I’ve been wanting to push myself a bit harder with my exercise these days.)

It’s just that…I’m a 34D!!

EACH of my breasts is the size of a ripe cantaloupe! And I wondered, “Has Penny lost her mind, thinking I would do something like that?!”

So I shot her a text right back:

“Ummmmm, hellooooo?!
Have you seen my boobs?!

To which Penny replied:

“C’mon! I’ve got an extra Boobuddy! You’ll be fine!”

Before this very moment I had never heard of a Boobuddy.

And I didn’t know it at the time, but this “thing” Penny spoke of was about to become more than just a “buddy”; rather it would soon be my breasts’ new best friend!

Penny discovered the Boobuddy from someone recommending it on Instagram, she tried it, and now she LOVES it so much she refuses to do any workout without it!

And it’s safe to say I won’t either because I made it through the entire 1.5-mile run without feeling like my boobs were bouncing up and down!

If you’re as curious about what Boobuddy is as I was, here’s the 411:

What is the Boobuddy?

Boobuddy is a wearable sports bra band worn across the top of the breasts and over your sports bra that allows any woman—no matter her breast size—to do ANY workout OR play ANY sport WITHOUT PAIN, by keeping her breasts from bouncing up and down (even during high impact!).

And apparently it’s not just Penny and me! Women all over the world are loving it! (Enough for over 100,000 happy customers—and counting!—to decide they won’t work out without it ever again!)

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